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Boating Infographic: Fascinating Facts from Boat Owners!

Everyone loves Infographics- including us. But what we really love are boat owners and open water.  This Boating Infographic really shines some light on some interesting facts. Who would have guessed at while 30% of the market spends less than $500 a year on their boat, a collective 50% spends $1,000 or more. Even more interesting is that there appears to be a slight spending gap between $500 and $1000 dollars. But if a boat owner is committed, there’s a large demographic willing to spend well beyond $1000 a year in maintenance and supplies for their vessel. In addition to this, most boat owners find social building activities rank highly as activities they’ve accomplished. Suggesting that owning a boat means spending time with friends and family- a fact also echoed with how much time they spend with various groups. We can summarize boat owners as people who socialize, usually invest in their boat over the year and typically entertain friends or close family.

Why Make this Boating Infographic?:

We’ve done a fair amount of research at Lettering on the Cheap to understand boat owners better. Because the more we understand Boat Owners, the better we can serve our customers. This Boating Infographic is just a small sample of that work and in the future we’d love to share what other interesting facts we’ve discovered along the way. But Infographics in general are just something we really love- it’s a quick and easily digestible source of information without the endless pages of text. In the future we hope to serve you and our customers with even more facts we’ve dug up. If you have anything to share you think we’ll find interesting, leave a comment below. Be sure to check out the Boating Infographic below and check out Lettering on the Cheap for all of your Vinyl Decal or Graphic Needs. Don’t forget to share this image or article!
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