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Valentine’s Day is coming quickly, what can you give that is not the proverbial candy and flowers?

Valentines Day Personalized Tumbler

Show your creativity and thoughtfulness by browsing through your local store and looking for something that can be used or viewed on a daily basis.  Then gain extra bonus points by personalizing it & make it especially meaningful with personalized vinyl lettering or decals.  Coffee mugs, water bottles, thermos, yeti cups, picture frames, these are just a few great items for customizing.  Vinyl stickers can be applied to anything with a smooth glossy surface.  Vinyl is waterproof and very durable.  Once securely applied, the item can be washed and dried or even ran through the dishwasher!  Note: We recommend thicker fonts for better adhesion.  Also for longest results, we do recommend hand washing, but I personally do not have the patience & would prefer to risk a slightly shorter lifespan.  I have run my coffee mug with vinyl decal through the dishwasher for almost a year now with no issues. 🙂

His & Her Mugs  

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Use your creativity to design a mug that portrays or reflects the special characteristics of your relationship with that special someone.  From quirky, to romantic, there are so many ways you can personalize two basic mugs from your local store. ( We got ours from Walmart) Even the basic white mugs from your dollar store look great dressed up with custom vinyl decals.

Check out our ideas or browse google for unlimited sources of inspiration!    

Picture Frame

A picture is worth a thousand words, maybe a little cliche but so true.  It is fun to take a cute picture frame and add special meaning with personalized decals.   On these 2 frames, I just added the couples name and special date at the bottom.  On darker frames, white is usually a good option, while on lighter backgrounds I generally go with black lettering and yes vinyl sticks to burlap?  Visit our lettering tool to design the perfect lettering for your project!  Add names, special dates, and endearing messages with custom vinyl lettering.  Choose from lots of various fonts, lots of colors for that perfect finishing touch!

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Personalized Tumbler

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Personalized Soda or Beer Can Koozies

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Create your own personalized vinyl lettering design at

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Enter to win – No purchase necessary.