Get Noticed with Vehicle Cut Vinyl Lettering!

Cut vinyl lettering is a fantastic way to grab attention using your vehicle as a moving billboard! Every day your vehicle will pull countless impressions creating great opportunity to get a message across, be that for your business, artistic message or simply to express support in local causes or sports teams alike!

Cut vinyl lettering is easy to apply and remove making converting your vehicle into a work of art simple! See some examples of how cut vinyl lettering can

Window Vinyl Lettering: Grab Attention on the Cheap!

With vinyl window lettering, you can create simple, engaging shopfront signage easy! By creating or uploading artwork to ‘Lettering on the cheap’ you can custom make pre-printed and cut vinyl lettering to make your storefront windows pop.

All business require custom solutions when it comes to grabbing the attention of their target audience. This could be to draw attention to sales, seasonal promotions or detail product and services within. Vinyl window lettering is a great solution as it is easy

How to Organize with Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering is a simple and effective way to properly label and organise throughout the home or office. Create your own custom flare and style while simplifying your storage or filing. Here are some ideas where cut vinyl lettering can come in great use!


Encourage organization early by implementing cut vinyl lettering into your kids toy storage. Easy to identify and makes cleanup much easier! Tidying the room or finding your favorite toy will no longer be a complicated

AU Boat Registration Requirements

Naming your boat is like adding a new addition to the family. Customizing your boat with vinyl decals and vinyl lettering is an easy way to cement your boats new new title and display your registration numbers creatively. When choosing vinyl lettering for your boat registration, it is important to familiarize yourself with state regulations before creating a design. Here are some extractions from state government websites detailing their local policies.


Queensland Boat Registration Numbers

Your ship will be

Themed Gift basket

DIY Valentines Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming quickly, what can you give that is not the proverbial candy and flowers?

Valentines Day Personalized Tumbler

Show your creativity and thoughtfulness by browsing through your local store and looking for something that can be used or viewed on a daily basis.  Then gain extra bonus points by personalizing it & make it especially meaningful with personalized vinyl lettering or decals.  Coffee mugs, water bottles, thermos, yeti cups, picture frames, these are just a few great …

3 Awesome Art sources for inspiration.

letteringonthecheap logo

It’s October, a month of fun and revelry with friends and hopefully no frenemies. It’s also an art month for various people around and about called “inktober“.  However, it can be a hard and challenging month figuring out what to sketch and all that especially in ink.

I happen to love ink, thick lines, thin lines, hatching and crosshatching and the …



Lawn games have grown to be very popular, I’ve started seeing them pop up in most store nowadays. The only issue is the price tags are typically not very nice, and they have no character!

 I always loved playing Yahtzee growing up with my family, so I decided to make my own custom Yard Dice Set to enjoy outdoors with the family!

Check out how you can make your own by following

the easy step-by-step below!

DIY Yard Dice: Supply

Dog Day Afternoon : Diy Custom Dog Bowl

Adobe Spark


That furry and sometimes not so furry one that keeps your feet or lap warmed , is the companion that chooses you as much as you choose them. We’ve got a little pet project for all the dog (or any pet owner) ,to celebrate our furry friends. We’ve got a DIY Tutorial here for labeling your pawfully loved companion.


                  When you load our site , you can access our custom  design tool …