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Apply Your Vinyl Without Bubbles!

When applying vinyl to a surface, it can be frustrating when you discover numerous bubbles across your vinyl. Especially true after you’ve worked so hard to align and place the vinyl perfectly for your application. But, there’s great news- even if you’ve applied the vinyl already, we may be able to help solve your bubbling problem. Let’s get started from the beginning,

01. Cleaning Your Surface

To get started, let’s wash down your surface you’ll be applying your vinyl to. We suggest using a light cleaning solution to remove any dirt and grime. Even something as simple as Alcohol will work perfectly. The goal here isn’t to make your surface bright and shiny, but actually to remove any surface grime, while leaving as little chemical residue as possible.

02. Dry Your Surface

If you’re using Alcohol, the surface should almost dry itself. However, in either case we suggest using a lint free cloth or towel to dry the surface before the next step. With the surface dry and clean we can now move onto the next step.

03. Applying your Decal Without Bubbles

This step can be the most critical, so there’s a few things to take into consideration. First, let’s talk about the size of your decal. Can you reasonably apply the decal without the aid of someone else? Is the surface smooth and at least semi-gloss?

Depending on the size of your decal, you may want to use the hinge-method for your application. The hinge-method is perfect for larger decals as it only applies half the decal at a time. You can find further information and applications using this method here.

One of the most overlooked but important aspects to applying your decal without bubbles is honestly to just take your time. Move slowly with the squeegee and apply ample pressure to the vinyl surface as its pressed against your surface. Move slowly, and work the air from the application as its being applied.

04. Additional Help

You may have done everything correct, but still find yourself plagued with tiny bubbles. The easy solution is to simply do nothing. No really, assuming your application will be warmed by the sun or some other heat source over an extended period of time, the vinyl itself will begin to tighten- which will remove the bubbles. However, in some cases you may find this won’t work either, in these cases we suggest pressing a pin into the bubbles and working the air and water that is often trapped inside.