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Cut Costs with Vehicle Lettering

You may be surprised to know that there are over 38 Million home business’ in America and everyday that number increases, as it has for the past decade. As more and more Americans become home business owners they are steadily increasing the pool of potential home marketers. Now, this article is not intended to convince you to start your own home business, but provide you with a powerful tool for marketing from home and within your local community at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.

In 2014 alone there were an estimated 253 million vehicles on the road across America, that’s 253 with six zeroes attached! Now imagine with all those vehicles on the road you had the ability to influence not just the other drivers- but also the standing community around you. That’s exactly how Vehicle Lettering has evolved into one of the best kept secrets in marketing. Since easily the 1920s we can see the fleeting glimpses of Vehicle Lettering’s origins on Horse Flynets, when they were explicitly used to promote business via horseback. From here to the explosion of use in Vinyl material post World War 2, Vinyl Lettering and Graphics have found their home in a thousand different ways across America.

Vinyl Material is a pliable, smooth plastic like material with an adhesive side used to application against the majority of smooth surfaces you can imagine. Vehicle Lettering comes cut from these Vinyl Sheets to make letters or numbers into organized text. By today’s standards, you can expect years of use from quality materials such as Premium Cast Vinyl that will adhere to your Vehicle with a limited risk of shrinking, tearing or otherwise heavy maintenance. This makes installation and the eventual removal of Vinyl Lettering an easy task, often taking less than 15 minutes to apply most designs. While application is an easy process, arguably the hardest aspect is simply designing the proper marketing material for your vehicle. Most designs will benefit from a large, bold design in contrasting colors from the surface it’s applied to. For instance, you wouldn’t want to apply white letters to a white vehicle. Whereas a white letters on a black vehicle would certainly “pop” as designers would say.

In addition to quality of Vehicle Lettering, you will find Vinyl tends to be incredibly inexpensive in comparison to even other Vehicle advertising methods such as Vehicle Magnets. While Vehicle Magnets have their niche in vehicle advertising, Vehicle Lettering can be applied without the fear of the magnet becoming dislodged and blowing off in the wind and ruining your investment. Vehicle Lettering typically will last for years with a much smaller upfront investment. What’s even better, Vehicle Lettering can be made to fit whatever scale you’re looking to achieve, allowing your Vehicle to become a very custom billboard without the restraint of size, as you will see in magnets.

When you work with Vehicle Lettering, keep in mind the principles discussed in this article and you’ll be making a marketing splash in your community in no time. When designing, consider contacting a signage professional before ordering to brainstorm potential ways to maximize the space on your vehicle and gain the most attention to your brand or business you’re looking to promote.