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How To Decorate Your Cooler – With Vinyl Lettering

A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered for this father’s day giveaway! We have a WINNER!!

Our winner chose the amazing America inspired design, check it out:

Cooler Decal Wrap

Summer is upon us, which means it’s time to hit the beach and enjoy the waves! With all the heat, having drinks on ice is a must!

Why not do it in style with these Custom Cooler Decal Kits! We have three designs to customize, or you can create your own!

Fishing Complete America Complete Hunting Complete


Create your own Custom Cooler with these easy steps:


Cooler decal kit, diy.

Things you’ll need!

1. Coleman Cooler

2. Cooler decal kit, or your own custom vinyl lettering

3. Cleaning products

4. Squeegees or an old credit card

5. Application fluid

6. E-xacto knife

7. Tape Measure

8. Drinks and ice


How To design a cooler.avi.00_00_09_15.Still001

Prepare your surface. Using alcohol or some form of cleaning solution, clean off all debris. Once, your surface is clean layout the decal, to ensure it will fit the desired area.


How To design a cooler.avi.00_00_15_05.Still002

 Flip the decal over and carefully remove the paper backing.


How To design a cooler.avi.00_00_18_09.Still003

Apply a light mist of application fluid to the sticky surface.


How To design a cooler.avi.00_00_23_00.Still004

 Apply the decal, aligning it from side to side. Once aligned and placed correctly, press decal down firmly with a squeegee.


How To design a cooler.avi.00_00_35_12.Still005

Figure #5Then using an exacto knife, cut carefully around the latch and emblem ( Figure #5)


How To design a cooler.avi.00_00_42_01.Still006

Figure #6Starting from a corner, remove masking tape slowly. (Figure #6)


Repeat the same steps with the next 2 pieces – the lid decal, and the side decal.

How To design a cooler.avi.00_00_52_06.Still007 How To design a cooler.avi.00_01_10_13.Still009DJ8A7013


With vinyl lettering and decals you can completely transform your cooler, we currently only have 3 designs but with our design tool, you have complete creative control. Which means you can create the perfect design for any cooler, check out our design tool.


DJ8A7058 DJ8A7069 DJ8A7070 DJ8A7074


We always love hearing our readers thoughts and ideas! What do you think, and what should do for our next project? Leave a comment below!