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College Decor, get your greek on..



The 2018 new school year is upon us and maybe you’re thinking of going Greek?


Have you ever thought about going Greek by joining a fraternity or sorority, then talked yourself out of it because you’re not sure if the party life is for you?
I mean let’s be honest, pretty well everyone in the world knows that going Greek means non-stop partying! I mean the movies tend to paint a pretty vivid picture of what Greek life would look like. Which kudos to those who rock the party life, but some of us just aren’t cut out for that lifestyle, myself included.

I decided to do a little investigation on rather or not joining a sorority/fraternity is truly just non-stop partying or if movies just give them a bad rep.

 Simple Southern Belle

5 Reasons to Join a Sorority

Lauren from Simple Southern Belle


We would also like to point out how fun it is to show your sorority pride with these fun Greek vinyl letters and decals!




Who doesn’t love pineapples!





Ok guys, don’t worry I didn’t forget about you! Here are

5 Reasons Why You Should Join A Fraternity

From Devin at The Odyssey Online



All in all, I discovered that there is a lot more than just partying when it comes to going Greek, granted they do the party a lot but isn’t that kinda what college is about?! So if you were on the fence or already decided against it, I would recommend you do your own research, and maybe just maybe you will see going Greek is a little more than it is cracked up to be!

Greek vinyl letters

Greek vinyl letters

We can help you make anything you need to support your sorority and fraternity, all you have to do is check out our vinyl lettering design tool, and create the perfect stickers for all you brothers and sisters!

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