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3 Awesome Art sources for inspiration.

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It’s October, a month of fun and revelry with friends and hopefully no frenemies. It’s also an art month for various people around and about called “inktober“.  However, it can be a hard and challenging month figuring out what to sketch and all that especially in ink.

I happen to love ink, thick lines, thin lines, hatching and crosshatching and the beloved pentel pocket pen brush .  As the month goes on it gets more challenging to figure out what to draw. With the prompts as they’re semi-random words to take as you choose i.e   brainy or joy, promotion, lettering. One could be literal or figurative, imaginative as possible – a zombie having lunch with too many brains on the side for the WD fans in the audience or Einstein, musk and other intellectual winners around the world.  So we’ve listed some most excellent sources of graphic inspiration for your artistic endeavors.

1. google images
 a profound resource of inspiration, anything can be found and you can control and filter the results. Find tutorials and more for many styles and techniques and so much more.


2. Deviantart
    deviantart_by_januszekoA profound resource for the aspiring professional within us all. Nickelodeon, Disney, Marvel you name the franchise and there’s undoubtedly an artist that’s actively working for them on the site or will be working for them as they’ve grown on the site. It’s a trove of amateur and professional art, tutorials, stock photos and so much more.

3.  Pinterest
facebook_share_imageSources of inspiration would be incomplete without this one resource. Typically favored as a feminine driven or themed source of d.i.y inspiration this is full of so many how-tos and tutorials and more for any gender & age.


So now you’re you’ve got some inspiration, and you’ve got your art, the question is what are you going to do with your finished creations?
You’ve got the art, and can we print it. The possibilities are endless.

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