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The Best Kept Secret in Home Decor

Home is a lot more than where you put your head down.

LOTC Sample 01Take it from someone who’s lived in expensively lavish South Floridian dream homes, to the two bedroom cottage near the rough end of town. Where you set up camp and call [tweet]’home’ is a lot more than where you put your head down.[/tweet] It’s a reflection of yourself and who you want to become. We can’t always choose where we live, but we can choose how others view us. As I’ve said, I’ve lived in both ends of the spectrum but ultimately only one thing truly matters: designing your home to be a reflection of yourself (or who you want to become) makes you happier. It becomes that friendly reminder every morning of where you’re going and where you’ve been.

Vinyl is a medium for the big picture- You.

Sample11I’m a bit of a Geek, I jam out to retro 90’s Ska music, love Sci Fi movies and crave coffee like any blue blooded American. But how I define my living space is more than just a reflection of myself, it’s a projection of an ideal, or image of who I see myself as and that’s why I love working with vinyl. No, not vinyl records (though I wouldn’t be hipster if I didn’t have at least a few), but wall vinyl or decals. I see a lot of people who miss the point with Vinyl, it’s easier to grab drapes or that cute fuzzy chair for the corner of your room then worry about vinyl after all…right? I argue that’s not the case, in fact it’s a gross misunderstanding of the point. Vinyl is a medium for the big picture- you. Vinyl is about bringing out the improved you with either pre-existing art or something only as crazy and fun as your mind can imagine. In art and design, designers often talk about creating conformity with modern design but ‘owning’ the design with your own personal touch. Defining yourself in an otherwise repetitive world. How we choose to design our homes is no different and the tools we use to create this space is a reflection of that same designer philosophy. Nobody is claiming you have to reinvent the wheel to separate your space from your neighbor- but a few changes in approach can revolutionize your home.

Don’t treat Decals like your first tattoo.

Sample10Vinyl is pretty simple to apply, and the effects are stunning. They transform any room into something more than the bleak paint strokes of a colored wall or tilted picture frames hanging on an otherwise empty space. They create atmosphere, the create a presence. Truly, wall vinyl opens our minds to the world and invites our friends and family to peer into our imaginations. I invite anyone who takes the challenge seriously to purchase a stock design or create their own custom decal and see how it transforms the space it’s applied to. Don’t be nervous and don’t treat decals like your first tattoo by planning to apply the smallest decal possible to the most obscure spot in your home- think big, think bold and look for inspiration from others who’ve followed the same path you’re only now taking.

We’ll be posting more content soon and hopefully we can inspire you in the same ways I’ve been inspired in my home.