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Tools for Graphics & Lettering

Tools for Graphics & Lettering

[tweet]Getting the right tools for the job is half the battle.[/tweet] Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the basic tools behind any lettering or graphic decal you plan on applying. The majority of these tools can be found at most hardware stores. However, Lettering on the Cheap does provide all of the tools required to get the job done. Ready to get your adventure started?

[one_half]Rubbing Alcohol we’ll be using this to clean and remove any dirt or grime from your surface. We use alcohol because it wipes away clean without leaving any residue! Remember, the higher the concentration the faster it will dry.[/one_half] [one_half]Clean Shop Rag any form of rag will do, however ones that produce very little lint are best. We’ll be using our rags to clean our surface or wipe away any application fluid we spray (if we choose to apply the decal wet!)[/one_half]


[one_half]Wax Pencil these come in a variety of colors depending on the surface you are marking. What makes them great, is how easily they wash off most surfaces with as little as water. [/one_half] [one_half]Hard Squeegee we’ll be using these during application. Best for use when your decal or lettering still has masking tape applied, as it applies force but won’t damage your design.[/one_half]


[one_half]Soft Squeegee for pressing against exposed vinyl that has been applied to a surface. Often, we’ll use a soft squeegee to follow up on decals and remove any bubbles or wrinkles.[/one_half] [one_half]Masking Tape this isn’t always necessary, but if you intend to apply your decal using the ‘Hinge Method’ To hold up typically large decals or lettering prior to being applied.[/one_half]


Application Fluid this gives us the freedom to apply and remove the vinyl multiple times prior to the decal securing itself to the surface. This is incredibly important when working with a design, especially if you’re new to applying vinyl or simply are working with a large design.

Need any additional help? Our friendly staff at Lettering on the Cheap is always willing to help! Give us a call or message us directly from our website’s chat service and don’t forget to check out our selection of How To videos too!
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