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Boat Names – Lettering on the Cheap Top 10!

We receive a ton of customer lettering requests and sometimes they can be really comical. Boat Names are among my favorite customer projects I see come through our production line. Because unlike other customer projects, almost all boat names are punny and hilarious. Other times they can be simply jaw dropping (read into that however you’d like). Read on to find out what I mean.

There’s something about the high seas that breaks our molds and makes even the most serious of us into Captain Ahab for a day. But that’s why we all love sailing, there’s a real sense of freedom and unambiguity. It should be no surprise then boat lovers the world abroad name their vessels such as, Liberty, Serenity or some other freedom related synonym. When we compiled this list however, we realized there are a special breed of men and women who deserve a handshake and second drink at the bar (because we assume they’ve already had one, when they named their vessel). Without further ado- our Top 10 Boat Names…

Top Ten Boat Names


[one_half first=”true”]Aquaholic Boat Names[/one_half][one_half last=”true”]A classic. It’s hard to convince friends how passionate you are about something until you mash your two favorite pastimes together in a legally binding name. For instance, I already named my future first child: SpagettiSkanker. It’s a mouthful, but so is spaghetti.[/one_half]


[one_half first=”true”]Liquid Asset Boat Names[/one_half][one_half last=”true”]What better way to let others know you’re financially literate- and can back peddle your investment. Like- really fast. The only thing more charming about this boat name, (other than the golden toilet seats you plan on melting back into bricks)  is the fact that naming your vessel something so literal makes me question what you’ve named your pets.[/one_half]


[one_half first=”true”]Hydrotherapy Boat Names[/one_half][one_half last=”true”]This was an honest tough call between Hyrdotherapy and the S.S. Prenuptial. But alas, Hydrotherapy just gave off the smoothest vibes and I think we can all agree there is a certain expectation when boarding the Hydrotherapy to find a steady stock of eye patches and Jolly Rodger’s. Because if you can’t pretend to be Captain Jack Sparrow for a few hours a week, you’re clearly boating wrong.[/one_half]


[one_half first=”true”]Knot on Call Boat Names[/one_half][one_half last=”true”]These boat names had me Knotting off until I knoticed this gem. I could hardly knot myself when I knot knot knot, knot. Perfect.[/one_half]


[one_half first=”true”]Seas the Day Boat Names[/one_half][one_half last=”true”]I think we can all agree, a good pun can turn a bleak day around. This probably isn’t that pun. But we’re sure it’s out there somewhere.[/one_half]


[one_half first=”true”]License to Chill Boat Names[/one_half][one_half last=”true”]Whoa! Slow down Seabiscuit. I didn’t realize this was a ‘Hawaiian T-Shirt Only’ party. Let me just grab my knock off Ray-Ban’s and SPF 300 sun blocker and we’ll get this party started with the sweetest tunes of… never mind. I’ll pick up the little umbrella’s for the drinks.[/one_half]


[one_half first=”true”]Wet Dreams Boat Names[/one_half][one_half last=”true”]Arguably, this was a great boat name until your family convinced you to take them and your 93 year old grandmother on a relaxing cruise. But hey, she’s seen two World War’s and the fall of the Berlin wall, she probably can handle your terrible choice in boat names.[/one_half]


[one_half first=”true”]Sir Docks a Lot Boat Names[/one_half][one_half last=”true”]I’m surprised the owner hasn’t received a citation for being ‘So Fresh’.[/one_half]


[one_half first=”true”]yeah bouy boat names[/one_half][one_half last=”true”]Calling attention to their sweet Southern Heritage while also seemingly shouting at inanimate objects ranks pretty highly on this list. As much as I wanted to poke fun at this title, I can’t help but feel like this vessel is the highlight of the marina.[/one_half]


[one_half first=”true”]Vitamin Sea Boat Names[/one_half][one_half last=”true”]Oh. I see what you did there. We’re willing to ignore recent studies that have shown fizzled long term effects of Vitamins- because clearly this Vitamin has been covered in cheese. Get it?[/one_half]


So that’s that, what did we miss? What did we get right? Have a favorite we didn’t mention- add it into the comments below. Until we meet again, keep your peg legs firm, your eye patches tight and you’ll always remember this as the time you almost caught Captain Jack —

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