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What is the best font for a boat name?

Choosing the best font for a boat can be a pretty daunting task. You want it to be unique and, like most people, you want the font to reflect your personality. So, what do you do when you finally decide on a name? Naturally, you start to think about how it would look displayed on your boat. Things like color, size, and font come to mind.

Big Cartoon Boat

Font? What is this font you speak of? Best Font for a Boat:

The term font is referring to the way the boat lettering is styled. This term can also so be interchanged with typeface. There are literally thousands and thousands of font families that have different styles. When trying to decide on a font for your boat name, it is best to get a better understanding of fonts and lettering.

The most common types of fonts.

Serif — These typefaces are named for the features at the end of their strokes.

Sample Best font for a boat

Sans-Serif — All of these typefaces have no added feature at the end of their strokes. (No serifs!)

Sample Best font for a boat

Block / Slab — These typefaces are similar to serif typefaces but the features at the end of the strokes have a block-like appearance.

Sample Best font for a boat

Script / Handwritten — These typefaces have been around forever and mostly resemble handwritten letters and symbols.

Sample Best font for a boat

There are many more but when it comes to naming a boat it is probably best to stick with one of these four types.

Quit rambling and tell me what font to use!

Looks like we are back to the million dollar question. Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer in this situation. You have to decide which font suits you the best. The intent of this article was to educate the reader that there are different styles of fonts and typefaces. Lucky for you, our online design tool will assist you in picking out a font for your boat name. After deciding on a font and any additional styles, you have the added convenience of placing an order for your vinyl boat lettering.

Let me test different fonts