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Carbon Fiber- Cutting Cost, not Quality

shutterstock_349986689There’s no denying that Carbon Fiber is incredibly sharp on a clean vehicle under bright lights. Which should make it no surprise that it’s one of the best selling speciality vinyls we offer at Lettering on the Cheap.

Carbon Fiber Vinyl is a premium vinyl material, which offers you the best quality for rugged exterior use and harsh UV rays from the sun. The rugged beating premium vinyl can take over a thinner, weaker, standard vinyl is of particular favor for vehicle enthusiasts, as it offers the protection you’d expect from a material that will endure dust, grime, wind and the unexpected atmospheric elements.


How Easy is Carbon Fiber to Clean?

You can expect Carbon Fiber to be as easy to maintain as any other vinyl we offer at Lettering at the Cheap. With a clean cloth and light cleaning solution, most dirt or grime will be removed. In some cases (depending on your unique situation) you may need something a bit more aggressive of a cleaner to remove grease or other hard to remove gunk. We would suggest you take care when using heavier cleaners, sampling the solution on a small, perhaps hidden section of the vinyl before proceeding to the remainder of the area. While most solutions should be fine on Carbon Fiber vinyl, taking extra care would be the best solution for your investment.

Is the Carbon Fiber Reflective?

Carbon Fiber is inherently shiny or glossy. Those looking for a reflective like material should certainly turn to our selection of Reflective Materials ranging in a number of different colors. Carbon Fiber vinyl is at its roots a cosmetic material and should be treated as such.

Will Carbon Fiber Make my Vehicle Faster?

No. But we appreciate your effort and we firmly believe you shouldn’t limit your dreams. Carbon Fiber Vinyl provides excellent cosmetic quality at a fraction of the cost of actual Carbon Fiber and has been a fantastic resource for trendy enthusiasts for years.