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Join the Ultra Metallic Gold Rush

2Are you one of the thousands who has struck gold? No, not actual gold so you can set aside your sifting pans for later. We’re talking about Ultra Metallic Gold Vinyl, which has taken a dramatic rise in our most sold Ultra Metallic vinyl. Let’s grab our helmet, your mining pick and lets dig into the features that make up this beloved quality material.

Function & Looks

Ultra Metallic Gold is most definitely a fashion over function vinyl that provides detailed textured vinyl for glossy, semi reflective surfaces that are sure to dazzle your audience. Ultra Metallic Vinyl’s are produced from high quality specialty vinyl that will upkeep their shine throughout the lifespan of the material.

Cleaning your Ultra Metallic Gold Vinyl

From time to time you may find your vinyl is looking a little dull. This can be for a variety of reasons, but more than likely it just requires a soft cloth and a gentle cleaning solution. Though your vinyl can withstand a variety of cleaning agents, also show care when working with a new solution, to ensure the active chemicals don’t harm your vinyl.

Measuring the Metallic Lifespan

You can expect Ultra Metallic Gold to withstand average exposure to elements for up to five years, possibly longer depending on the environment. Dirt and grime, sunshine, heavy rain or other unintended conditions can all shorten the lifespan if severe enough to push the integrity of the material. While this shouldn’t deter you from selecting this vinyl as an option, you should be aware of the possible conditions your material will face before purchasing.

Best Design Practices

While the world is your oyster and anything is possible in the world of design. Some of the most dashing designs we’ve seen over the years are when Ultra Metallic Gold is matched with darker tones such as black. This contrast really makes the Gold pop and places emphasis on your design.

Alternatively you could use Ultra Metallic Gold as a subtle background element to bring a clean yet bright tone to your designs. Whatever your designs ideas we can help you and your creative projects at Lettering at the Cheap.