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5 Facts Before Choosing Vinyl Lettering for Your Boat Registration

So you have yourself a boat and now you’re looking to apply Vinyl Lettering for your Boat Registration? Well slow down Captain because there’s a few things you need to take into consideration before casting off into the deep blue sea. While some of these may seem obvious they’re incredibly important to the Coast Guard and other Federal Agencies. You should always be sure to check on the most recent laws and regulations for your state to ensure you’re up to date on the requirements for your Boat Registration. What follows is a general guideline you’ll find most states require regardless.

Legally Required

First and foremost you’ll note that Boat Registrations are legally required to aid in the identification of your vessel. Which really highlights the most important aspect ‘identification of your vessel.’ While the temptation will be there to match your Boat Registration with a font or color that matches the remainder of the vessel, we would deter you from this line of thought. Safety in the open ocean or river bends are incredibly important not only for yourself but others as well.

Size that Counts

While state regulations will offer you an exact height or possibly width your Boat Registration is required to be at minimum, you should take note that the intention is to be legible even at a great distance, offering Coast Guard officers the ability to identify your craft without much struggle. This is probably one of the most important aspects of your Boat Registration, while some states may be less strict on the other elements of the Boat Registration- the ability to see it at all is of critical importance.

Fonts Matter

Not all fonts are made the same and more often than not state law will offer suggestions on the type of font your vessel uses. Typically as a rule of thumb the font must be clearly legible- meaning no scripted fonts or thin lines that make the Boat Registration difficult to view from a distance. We’ve seen numerous boat owners invest in Boat Registration that uses fonts like Ariel Black or Gotham Bold as a way to clearly depict their Vinyl Lettering.

Color for Viewing

From our investigation a number of states are more lenient on the colors used for Boat Registrations, assuming they are bold and contrast the color of the boat in a way that makes them clearly legible. Though I would suggest you review your state’s regulations, I believe it’s safe to suggest using a solid black color for your font will almost always be fine on lighter toned craft. You may also consider using a reflective Vinyl Lettering for aiding in nighttime viewing.

Placement Matters Too

Though the exact placement is often left to the boat owner’s discretion, state laws often desire the Boat Registration to be placed at the front of the vessel on both sides. This will further aid Coast Guard units in identifying your vessel and ensuring you avoid any costly fines or penalties.

The Best Advice

Ultimately, you’ll want to review your state’s regulations and guidelines for your vessel and follow any of the laws provided. There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing your Registration Numbers, make sure you only have to do it once! If you have any additional questions when it comes to design tips or methods contact us or feel free to review our wide selection of additional blog posts.