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Order Perfect Vinyl lettering That Fits Your Car

When you decide to order Vinyl Lettering for your car you should take a moment to consider what that will mean. Really! Designing something for your vehicle takes a small amount of creativity, but even the most un-creative among us can do it with the right help. So let’s imagine you have a Softball team you really want to support. There are a few things you can immediately consider for your Vinyl Lettering. For instance you may consider using the team colors for your Vinyl Lettering, or ordering a Vinyl Graphic like a Softball or a bat as well. Or what about the font, does the team use a certain typeface? All of these are good questions to get yourself started with.

Consider your Surroundings

When making these decisions, undoubtedly you’ll be forced to conform to the color of your vehicle. But even if you really have your heart set on a black font on a black car, I may still have solutions for that problem (more on that in a bit). First, let’s look at your vehicle- is it a rough and rugged truck? A slim and sleek sports car? While the Vinyl Lettering will apply exactly the same regardless of your make and model, how your vinyl looks is a different story. Take into consideration the ‘personality’ of your vehicle as your design your Vinyl Lettering and decide where to place it on your vehicle.

Picking your Material

Choosing a Vinyl material for your Vinyl Lettering can be broken down typically into three different materials. Transparent, great for small fonts or windows. White, our standard material and perfect for multi-colored lettering and Solid Color Vinyl, the preferred choice for Cut to Shape designs (more on that in next section). So how do you know you’re making the right decision? Typically most Vinyl Lettering is created from Solid Color Vinyl due to the crisp clean look that Solid Color Vinyl provides for your vehicle. However, just because it’s the most used doesn’t mean Transparent or White isn’t the best solution either- it really depends on your unique situation. Luckily, you can typically call or contact your Vinyl Lettering supplier for additional aid.

Finding the Right Cut

Last, but certainly not least- we need to talk about how your Vinyl Lettering will be cut. Typically cuts come in three different types regardless of the Vinyl Lettering vendor you choose. To begin, Shape Cut is the simplest form of cut- often coming in a standard box shape that surrounds your letters. This means you will have ample Vinyl around your letters, whether this is transparent vinyl, or a white vinyl (typically not a colored vinyl). Your next option is Contour Cut, which leaves a small margin of vinyl from the edge of your letters. This is great as I mentioned previously for designs where you may have a black car, but really want a black font. This margin of white around your letters would  be a perfect solution to ensure visibility. Lastly, the most common option is Cut to Shape. Unlike the others, Cut to Shape cuts directly to the edge of the letters and is most common with Solid Colored Vinyl.