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5 Steps of Installing Window Lettering for your Home

Installing Window Lettering is simple and with these 5 easy steps we’re going to show you how. You’ll need a few basic tools that include a window (of course) a squeegee, wax pen and application fluid (or soapy water). Read along and in a few minutes you’ll be a pro like the rest of us-

Step 01: Measure Your Window

It may seem simple enough, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget. Using a tape measure find the width and height of your work area. If you’re only placing Window Lettering on a small portion of the window you probably don’t need to measure the whole window- we’re doing this simply to understand the proportions of your lettering- or your maximum work area.

Also keep in mind to check for anything that may disrupt the surface of your design, such as metal or wood paneling separating the glass into panels. Depending on your glass surface, this may be an issue if your viewers have a difficult time viewing your Window Lettering.

Step 02: Design Your Window Lettering

Using your home Design Tool or a Web Tool you can find a wide selection of fonts and colors to choose from, to begin your designing process. Take into consideration your height and width of your previously measured work area. Now would also be a good time to consider if your lettering needs to be reverse cut as well- this is important if you’re applying your Window Lettering to the opposite side of the glass.

Step 03: Cleaning Your Window Surface

Now that you’ve ordered your Window Lettering and it has arrived on your doorstep, now it is time to apply your Window Lettering. First, we do suggest you lay your lettering out on a table to naturally smooth out your vinyl. In the meantime, take a clean cloth and light cleaning solution to clean the surface of your window. You’ll want to take extra care to remove any dirt or grime from the window.

Step 04: Measure & Mark Your Window

With your window clean, now would be a good time to figure out where you’ll want to place the lettering. Using a level and a wax pen you can carefully draw a line across your glass- this should provide a proper level for your lettering and a rough guideline for its placement. Using the measurements you previously took we can now start to understand where your lettering will be placed.

Step 05: Apply your Window Lettering.

Depending on the size of your lettering you may apply the Window Lettering all at once, by removing the backing and applying the vinyl- or you may use the hinge method instead. We often suggest the hinge method if this is your first time.

The hinge method is simple, first using a light tape- apply the vinyl (as is, don’t remove anything yet) to your window and allow the tape to hold it in place. You won’t need a lot of tape as you’ll be removing it soon. Once the Window Lettering is aligned how you’d like it to be placed, remove half of the backing off the vinyl Window Lettering.

Using soapy water, or application fluid wet the surface of the glass (glass tends to adhere vinyl quickly, so use as much as you need here). With the surface wet, apply your exposed vinyl window lettering to the glass. The wet glass may make the letters move around- so be careful to set the lettering as needed and return in a few minutes if needed. Now, it’s time for the other half- by repeating the same process we can now apply the other Window Letters to the glass.

And finishing is as simple as waiting for the Window Letters to firmly adhere to the glass- which typically doesn’t take long after the application fluids dry from under your vinyl.