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How Window Lettering Could Get You on OMG! Insider

I think we’ve all desired our 15 minutes of fame at some point and some of us are fairly dedicated to achieving it. If you’re like us and are willing to be a little creative the possibilities are endless. So get out there and don’t let your dreams just be dreams. You’ll find our suggestions below as completely unproven methods that we moderately stand behind. What follows are 4 ways Window Lettering and Graphics could get you onto OMG! Insider.

Obvious Pandering

The most rational way to become famous and get on OMG! Insider is, you guessed it. Obvious Pandering, some may even refer to it as ‘pleading’ but we think that just seems a bit too desperate. There’s certainly nothing wrong with begging asking for the due amount of attention you require.



Bait and Switch

The classic bait and switch. First you’ll need to grab some photographs of yourself being extra excited as if you’re at the hottest red carpet event of the year. With a little computer magic you’re only minutes away from being the hottest celebrity couple and talk of the town. Apply these images to your home or business windows and no one will be the wiser*** Once you’ve secured the attention of OMG! Insider you can send us an edible fruit arrangement as a thank you. In the event you don’t receive the necessary attention… new number, who dis?

***Everyone may be the wiser.


Badazzle Your Crib

Even if you don’t have the money for a luxurious home made from solid gold- no worries. We have your back with quality Ultra Metallic Gold vinyl that can cover your home with just the right amount of glam that you need. With a home this decked out- who wouldn’t stop to pay attention to you? Needless to say, we’ll be surprised if you don’t have paparazzi snapping photos by the end of the week.


Spread the Hate

This may take a bit of time, but we have faith in you- all good things take time. With the humorous ‘mean tweets’ sweeping the airwaves as of late, now it’s your opportunity to capitalize on someone else’s meanness. You can always run a quick google search for some of the best tweets. What we envision is something on par with the live laugh love quotes you’ll find in households across America, but with a slight twist on the meme. We present to you, ‘the mean tweet window vinyl’.