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How to Install Window Lettering for your Store

Advertising for your business can mean the difference between food on your table and a can of beans cooked over an open fire and we’re here to help you keep the bacon rolling in. We’ll assume you’ve already ordered Vinyl Window Lettering and you’re ready to get started.

After receiving your Window Lettering for your Store you’ll want to unroll your vinyl and allow it to flatten out. This can be aided by setting something slightly heavier on top of the vinyl to speed up the process. Once fairly flat you’ll be ready to begin the installation process. Note: this step isn’t absolutely necessary.

Wash the Surface

Using a clean cloth you’ll want to clean the surface of dirt or grim as best as possible. The cleaner the surface the longer the vinyl will adhere, which may make the difference between months and years depending on your surface. Using a light cleaning solution or soap and water should work best, however don’t fret if you have to use something a bit heavier to remove any grime. As long as you wash the surface after the fact to remove any chemicals you may have applied.

Align the Window Lettering

With your letters flat and ready to be installed it’s time to align them to your window. Do not remove the backing on the Window Lettering, we’ll get to that soon enough- for now lets just align the letters on your window. The easiest way to do this is to bring some tape with you and apply a few small pieces to your window and vinyl to hold it in place. You may want to bring a level with you to make sure everything is aligned correctly. After taking a step back and reviewing your positioning your ready to start applying.


Applying your Window Lettering

Depending on the size of your window lettering you may consider applying the vinyl in parts (Hinge Method) or as one piece if it’s small enough. This step will cover application in one solid piece, if you fear your vinyl is a bit too big (or this is your first time) move on to the next step where we review the Hinge Method.

Keeping your Window Lettering attached to the window via the tape, flip the vinyl up and carefully remove the backing on the vinyl. You may consider spraying down the the surface of the window with application fluid or soapy water to help positioning. But for small applications you can probably apply it without. With the backing removed, apply the vinyl back down and allow the sticky backing to adhere. Windows are very smooth surfaces and they make application VERY easy for vinyl.

Applying your Window Lettering (Hinge Method)

The hinge method is a lot like the regular method, however the only difference is we’ll only be applying half at a time. That being the case, we’re going to work from the right to the left- so remove tape on the right half of your vinyl. Next, remove the backing from the right half of your vinyl. Be very careful to not stick the vinyl to the surface by accident. You’ll need to tear the backing to the vinyl at the halfway point in your vinyl lettering- or let it hang if it’s not too much in the way. Now, spray some application fluid or soapy water onto the surface of the glass. Apply the exposed vinyl to the glass. Using a squeegee you’ll want to smooth out the vinyl as best as possible- but be careful not to push the vinyl letters out of place. You should find that vinyl sticks very well to glass.

With the first half applied to the glass you can repeat the process with the second half on the left.


Time to Wait

After a bit of time and the glass has dried you can come back and see if any bubbles remain. Using a soft squeegee push out any additional bubbles you may have missed- If you’re having a particularly difficult time, you can always come back in a few days (if the vinyl is in the outside heat) and pop the bubbles with a pin. However, the sunshine typically will shrink the bubbles over time.