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Window Lettering, An Effective way to Promote a Store

Advertising your business or current promotion can be divided into three main factors: visibility, design and demographic. Each is unique in its approach to promoting your ideas and selling your business, but each is important to the success of the promotion.

Visibility of your Window Lettering

When we concern ourselves with the visibility of your promotional material we’re talking about its placement in the world. This doesn’t necessarily even mean the placement on/in your own store, but could involve being placed on the glass window panes of a Bus Stop for example. The point being, the placement of your signage should be in a high traffic area and noticeable against its surroundings. What good is any form of promotional signage if no one can see it? The visibility of your signage as a means to promote your store or business is a critical step in ensuring the success of your promotion.

Design That Matters

Being bold isn’t your only option. With the right amount of thought, being subtle can be a powerful tool as well. But we don’t take sides in the debate of how to design your promotional signage, as much as we point out the general rules of thumb. When one can master the basics, you can start bending the rules in the future. When designing for Window Lettering, it’s important to keep in mind your surroundings, glass despite what you may imagine- typically comes off as dark hues and for this reason using lighter colors can be beneficial. Keep in mind what your audience will be doing as well, will they be walking along the sidewalk or speeding by in a car? The difference is stark and so to should be your intentions when designing for this demographic. Pick a font for instance that works for your audience, something easier to read and larger for audiences that are moving faster or in busier areas.

Window Lettering Demographics

This may be harder than in some situations and you may have to use your best judgement. But take into consideration your audience and attempt to uncover who is more likely to see your promotion. Years ago, I used to work in a town plaza near the interstate, though there wasn’t anything too special about the place it hosted a bagel shop and it never seemed to fail to draw in hundreds of locals every morning before they headed off to their bigger city jobs. Not only this, but even the locals remaining homed who insisted on cycling or running would stop by for a morning coffee. The business nearby that were successful were the ones who capitalized on the area’s demographics. Those who understand who their audiences were and could capitalize on them profited the most.