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3 Ways to use Vinyl Letters on Your Car

When you’re in the market to modify and customize your vehicle, you may not realize just how many ways Vinyl Letters could be enhancing your car without having to break the bank. Vinyl Letters have taken off in popularity for their ease of use, resilient nature even after years of use and the flexibility to remove them at anytime for easy replacement. Whenever considering Vinyl Letters for your car or vehicle, be mindful of the color of your vehicle and the color of the vinyl letters, for best clarity. Likewise, consider the size of your letters and optimal viewing distance for your letters. When you decide to purchase Vinyl Letters for your car or vehicle, keep in mind our suggestions below!

Fleet Vehicle Numbers

Working in an industry that requires multiple transportation vehicles for maintenance, transport or otherwise on the call vehicles often requires the vehicles to be properly registered. Not only this, but Fleet Vehicles are easier to maintain and track when labeled on the door or tail of the vehicle for IDing. Most often Fleet Vehicles use a Bold text, with thick non-script letters and numbers. This aids in the viewing distance and clarity of the vehicle even from a distance. We would suggest a typeface such as Din, Impact or even Gotham in a contrasting color to the vehicle itself.

Sport Teams

What better way to support your sport’s team than to advertise the fact on your vehicle? Typically you can find the common fonts associated with your sports team through a quick google search and then using a Powerful Design Tool work on the statement you wish to make. Sport Team Lettering is great for a bit of friendly banter among teams, showing your support or even making a dig at a rival. When designing Vinyl Letters make sure you take into account the dimensional space you have available on your car or motor vehicle before ordering!

Family Names

This cute idea comes from our own customers, who have found a cute solution to organizing your family into a car. Perfect for family vacations or just weekend adventures across town. By ordering your family names and applying them to each door of your car or vehicle, you can now ignore the chaos of unassigned seating. Better yet, designate your seating by position- copilot anyone? Play with the different options available to capture your family’s spirit in a bit of Vinyl Lettering.

As mentioned above, when working with Vinyl Lettering, make sure the fonts you use will be bold or bright enough for others to see. This can mean selecting a font that is already thick, like Impact- or enhancing the typeface by making it bold. Also consider the size of the Vinyl Letters on your vehicle for best viewing. In this case, we strongly suggest you measure your vehicle prior to ordering for the best fit. Also remember to to take into account any curves on your vehicle which may distort your measurements if you don’t use a soft ruler.