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Design a Boat with Vinyl lettering

You have a boat, it’s slick design gleaming the summer sun teasing your senses of adventure and begging to be unleashed into the open water. But you have a problem, across the slick hull, across the mast and along the thin strips of fiberglass you realize you’re woefully unprepared to let her down in the cool water. Boat owners by law are required to have Registration Numbers and a Port of Hail across the vessel, but what about what isn’t required? What about the design of your vessel? Here we find ourselves now at the crossroads between Requirements vs Design and between these two thresholds are a way for your dreams to become reality.

Though required by law to have a Registration Number on your boating vessel, the law (depending on the state) will often allow some give on how you display this number using Vinyl Lettering. Though clarity is key to not being fined, this allows designers to produce registration numbers that can be easily modified into their own work of art. We suggest selecting a typeface that is bold, clear and not distracting from the remainder of your vessels design- while still being visible enough to satisfy state officials. Registration Numbers can be a fine line, but with a little work you can often find a balance between art and intent.

Naming your vessel can be close to a spiritual experience, like naming your child your boat often will take a special quality in itself. But once this challenge has been overcome and the paperwork sent to the state, you will be required to display the name of your boat. Using Vinyl Lettering influenced by the design in your mind is typically the best way to achieve not only the state requirements but the creative aspects of your vessels design. Keep in mind the Vinyl Lettering should still be clear enough for authorities to read your vessel’s name.

Once all the legal stuff is out of the way, this is where the real fun comes into effect. Vinyl Lettering has always been used to great effect with Vinyl Graphics. In the case of boats this could mean pinstripes, designs, images or other graphical elements. Among some of the best boat designs I’ve seen, have been high quality designs that include almost tribal themed animals across the hull, slipping and slithering from above and below the waterline. When you decide on a design for your boat, you should consider consulting Vinyl Lettering and Graphic artists you have worked on boat designs previously for inspiration and scope of your boating design.

When designing for your boat remember to start from a simple idea and expand upon it from there. Choose your colors at the beginning of the process and let these decisions influence your later designs. If the hull of your ship isn’t white, consider how the colors will mesh together and how visible your registration numbers will be for safety and legal reasons. As mentioned, work with graphic designers to produce the best results for the design of your boat and don’t be afraid to take chances!