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Window Lettering – Tricks and Tips

If you’re planning on spending your weekend working with Window Lettering for your Home or Business. You may be very interested to know these powerful tricks and tips needed to get the job done. Window Lettering has been a powerful part of American Advertising and home decorating for generations, from storefront signage to cute summer messages.

Know your Lettering

Window Lettering is made from a adhesive vinyl, which will cling tightly to smooth surfaces such as glass. This makes them incredibly easy to maintain with very little worry of decay or destruction over the lifespan of the letter’s life. We would certainly suggest adding a UV laminate coating to your Window Lettering to help avoid sun bleaching by the Sun’s ever present UV rays which can cause fading over an extended period of time.

Wet or Dry Application

Glass Windows make application a breeze, namely due to how smooth glass is. But in some cases this may be more of a hindrance, as applying the vinyl on a dry surface will mean immediate sticky contact as soon as the adhesive backing touches the surface. For this reason, we do suggest using a light amount of application fluid on your window surface, to allow the vinyl to be moved or re-aligned for proper placement.

Keep it Clean

Your vinyl will get dirty over time, but you can avoid having to replace your vinyl for extended period of time by simply washing down the glass surface with a simple cleaning solution. Be sure to clean around the edges of your window letters. This will keep material from becoming lodged under the ‘lip’ of the vinyl lettering and causing the entire surface to begin peeling. If your vinyl does become dirty and the edges to begin to peel, you may want to replace the vinyl window lettering sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, once peeling begins you’ll be facing an uphill battle to maintain a proper clean application.

Get Help from a Friend

Always know your limits with vinyl. If this is your first time applying window lettering, or just a really big window lettering decal, perhaps get a friend or coworker to help you place the vinyl material on your window. This will ensure a clean, easy application that you can enjoy for years to come. Often times, just having someone to help you hold one end of the vinyl application while you work with the other end can make a worlds of difference.