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DIY Baby Room Decor With Vinyl Lettering And Decals



Hey, everyone, today we put together a little tutorial for an easy baby room decal project! Preparing for a new baby is so much fun, but let’s face it, it can be expensive!

With these predesigned Baby Room Wall Decals, you can affordably transform your baby’s nursery. 

(step by step process below)

The animal pack decal kit will come in these sections:

Which means you can arrange them however you see fit!


Teddy Bear Vinyl Decal


Elephant Vinyl Decal


Fox & Tree Vinyl Decal


Giraffe Vinyl Decal


Lion Vinyl Decal

You can customize the Vinyl Lettering Baby Name separately, it is not part of the decal kit.

( Or you can create your own Vinyl Lettering)


Custom Baby Name Vinyl Lettering


Check out this video for How To Install Wall Lettering Or follow the easy steps below

Step by step:

  1. Decide the wall you are going to create your wall design on.
  2. Clean the surface of any debris that is on the wall so your vinyl decal will stick correctly.
  3. Measure & mark your surface using a pencil
  4. Position your vinyl lettering or vinyl decal in the markings you placed
  5. Secure your vinyl decal in position using tape across the top giving you room to lift up the bottom of the vinyl decal.
  6. Lift bottom of vinyl decal up and spray application fluid for easier application
  7. Remove backing paper or backing tape from the vinyl decal and apply more application fluid
  8. Place decal to surface
  9. Carefully squeegee the vinyl decal or lettering to the surface, working from the middle out releasing any trapped air
  10. Wait a couple minutes for fluid to dry & carefully remove tape



Now you can enjoy your adorable baby room knowing you saved money and did it by yourself and so simple, easy and affordable. Get started using a room in your home and

Get started today by using our Baby Room Wall Decor design or create your own custom design at

As always, we would love to hear your feedback and ideas! be sure to leave us a comment below!