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DIY • Monogram Entryway • Do It Yourself • With Vinyl Lettering

premium-blackLooking for an easy and affordable way to dress up your entryway?

Then you came to the right place, this post is an easy to follow step by step tutorial to show you how we transformed this entryway,

from feeling like something was missing to the perfect design! Using this monogram design!

(step-by-step below)






1. Design and order your custom vinyl lettering

2.Prepare your surface by cleaning and removing all debris.

3. Layout your decal or vinyl lettering and measure to get it centered.

4. Once centered, take a pencil and mark centers on all four sides. Be sure to mark both your surface and vinyl for an easy installation.

5. Remove paper backing from your vinyl lettering.

6. Carefully adhere your vinyl lettering to your surface, aligning your marks in the process.

7. Using a squeegee or credit card press the decal down firmly, working from the center to the outer edges.

8.  Remove masking tape.

9. Depending on your surface you may need to cut the vinyl in the cracks. All you need to do is carefully cut the vinyl in the groove, and press it in the space with your squeegee.

10. Admire your new and improved entryway!

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When it comes to decorating your home, vinyl lettering is an affordable way to add personal and unique details to your place!

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As always we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

For a quick how-to video: DIY Monogram Entryway