Pre-Spaced & Pre-Masked Vinyl for Your Vehicle

Vehicle Lettering


Stuck designing your lettering?

Lettering On The Cheap wants to help you design your vehicle lettering for free! Simply answer a few questions and our graphic design team with over ten years of experience will get to work creating the vehicle lettering of your dreams. Click here to get started. Take the stress off your shoulders and let us take care of all your design needs.


Transform and personalize the look of your business vehicle fleet with your logo and contact information easily with vehicle lettering. Take advantage of the space your vehicle has and the places it goes by making your vehicle stand out with lettering today!

As your fleet travels so will word of mouth about the services you offer simply by adding vehicle lettering to your fleet. Accompany your logo and contact information with safe driver information and fleet numbers to always make sure your fleet is representing your business the best they possibly can!

Our Color Palette

Apple Green
Cobalt Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Grey
Hot Pink
Hunter Green
Lemon Yellow
Lime Green
Olympic Blue
Ruby Red
Sunflower Yellow
Unfinished Wood

Why Vehicle Lettering?

Vehicle lettering is a great way to advertise your business on the move. Traditional advertisements like billboards, yard signs, benches, etc... work great for one location, but what about the thousands of other street corners? Vehicle lettering allows you to take your advertisements on the road and be seen all over!

Uses of Vehicle Lettering

There are all different sorts of ways you can implement vehicle lettering today. Businesses can easily add their logo and contact information on any type of vehicle to give them a mobile advertisement! Individuals similarly can support their favorite cause, quotes, and much much more!

Why Do It Yourself?

When you order your lettering from Lettering On The Cheap you're not just getting a quality product. You alaso gain access to our resource section that will help you become a professional at installing vinyl. Outsourcing installation can cost hundreds of dollars. Take that money and turn it into savings by installing it yourself. We're so confident in your ability we've packaged our resource center along side our Goof Proof guarantee to give you the confidence to DIY!

Vehicle Lettering FAQ's

What if I get a bubble under my vehicle lettering?

Most dime-sized air bubbles will come out over time by the heat of the sun. Larger bubbles can be pricked in the middle with with a needle or razor. Press evenly on all sides to allow the air to escape and to prevent the vinyl from pinching or rolling over on itself.

What kind of surfaces does this work for?

Our vehicle lettering will stick to most smooth, or very lightly textured surfaces like painted walls, glass, smooth metal and finished wood. If you have a rough uneven textured surface it will not stick to that.

I messed up my lettering, what can I do?

First of all, don't panic! Because we are so confident you will be able to install our vehicle letters and decals, we offer a free replacement guarantee. If you damage your lettering during installation we will replace the damaged letters or the whole piece.

Will the vehicle lettering damage my paint job?

No! Just be sure to gently heat the vinyl with a heat gun or hair dryer before you attempt to remove it. Then simply begin peeling the lettering off the surface.

Can you design my vehicle lettering for me?

We sure can! We offer Free design help, send us a message with as much detail as possible and we will create you the vehicle lettering of your dreams. Click here to get started!

Can I use a font that is not on your site?

Absolutely. Feel free to send us the font file that you are wanting to use along with details of the lettering and we will set up a custom quote for you.

Can you wash and wax over vehicle lettering?

You sure can. As soon as you have finished installing the vehicle lettering you can wash and wax your vehicle. We would recommend waiting a couple of hours to give the adhesive enough time to settle.