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Business Advertising and Market Establishment

You might not even know it, but you have a serious problem. [tweet]If you’re like any of the other approximate 543,000 business that open up each month in America you’ve found yourself in the crosshairs of ‘why should anyone care?'[/tweet] America is big business, especially for small startups or even not so small startups that are considered Small Business thanks to the SBA. To get ahead of the pack and establish your Business in the marketplace means smart advertising. Or to put it simply: getting the most out of your buck.
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Business Marketing: Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is a phrase you may hear in SEO or content creation articles such as this one. But what you choose to do with your vehicle or fleet of vehicles is in a way also Evergreen Content. Meaning, your content will always remain fresh and a valuable resource for consumers for as long as you promote it. Detailing just a single vehicle opens the door to truly hundreds of thousand eyeballs gaining a glimpse of your company, whether you’re idle in a parking lot or actively on the road. Product Acceptance and Research has said 94% of respondents recalled seeing the wrapped/detailed vehicle in question, with 80% recalling the specific advertisement; the marketing resulted in a sales increase of 107%. It’s hard to find any marketing niche that can offer such returns, which is why Lettering on the Cheap is proud to promote Vehicle Detailing and Wraps to any its consumers.

applying business decal to marketing vehicle

I’ve heard a lot of business owners tell me that wrapping or detailing your vehicle is simply too expensive or time consuming. But holding onto these frankly incorrect belief systems are what will keep your business from getting ahead of the curve.  It’s true, in the past wrapping or detailing your vehicle would be considered a costly investment. But like all good things, time and technology have given the average consumer the helping hand needed to make Business Marketing as easy and cheap it’s ever been. Lettering on the Cheap has torn down the walls other signage companies work feverishly to keep up. The truth is, applying your own business or home decals is cheap and easy. Between our wide selection of How To Videos and Goof Proof Warranty that promises to replace any ruined vinyl you are applying. You’re fully protected and prepared to kickstart your Business Advertising on any of your vehicles.