DIY Pallet World Map Wood Sign With Vinyl Lettering


Hey, everyone, I wanted to put together a tutorial for my new project of DIY Pallet Wood Wall Art With Vinyl Lettering Or Vinyl Decals. I was scrolling through Pinterest and came across some inspiration which gave me this great idea to break up aged pallet wood put it back together as my own design with vinyl lettering or vinyl decals and create wall art for my home.

You will find the easy to follow steps below!


The materials

Top 7 Vinyl Lettering Products Used for Decorating

We love using Vinyl Lettering for decorating and since last year when we started this blog we’ve highlighted a number of free designs we’ve come to love (plus a few you haven’t seen!). Below is out Top 7 Vinyl Lettering Products you can use for Decorating. Think we missed any? Tell us in the comments.

#7 Vinyl Lettering

We love this one for obvious reasons- because we love sailing. An elegant design for a more civilized time, some might even …

5 Reasons Why Vinyl Letters Always Work

When you’re looking for quality advertising material at a fraction of the cost of normal marketing materials- look no further than the high impact, low maintenance Vinyl Lettering and graphics supplied in a near infinite color and shape selection. Marketing your business or just applying letters to your home to fill your house with the warmth or edginess you desire is simple as a few clicks and swishes. But we’ll get to that later,

Weather Resistant

Rain or shine Vinyl …

Top 5 Personal Uses For Vehicle Lettering

I’ve seen some amazing designs over the years and I’m always fascinated when a new idea crosses my desk and I get the opportunity to check out somebody else’s creative side. From Sports Vehicle Lettering to Personal Causes there isn’t much I haven’t seen; what follows is my list of Top 7 Personal Uses for Vehicle Lettering.  Hopefully this list will inspire you, as much as it has inspired me over the years-

Sports Team Vehicle Lettering

There’s nothing like …

Thanksgiving Plate Design

Thanksgiving Comes Early

Thanksgiving Plate Design

Every year I try to do something special for thanksgiving, namely because I live some distance from my family and typically I end up having a ‘friendsgiving’ with the other misplaced friends in our group that also live away from home. This year, I decided to take a note from the Wedding Plate tutorial we produced a few months ago and create our own Thanksgiving Plates. But, seeings as thanksgiving is the season of giving thanks, we decided to share …

Halloween Candy Buckets


Halloween is probably one of my favorite holidays, namely because it involves throwing a party every year for friends and family. This year, my nephews which are getting old enough for some trick-or-treating of their own needed some buckets for their candy pillaging collecting. After a bit of head scratching I realized all the kids really wanted was something with their name on it. Let’s be honest, if it holds candy and says your name- you’re probably going to be …

Make Your Own Custom Laptop Skin

Laptop Skins

If you have a laptop, you’ve probably considered a custom laptop skin- but where do you get them? Or, what do you need to make your own? The good news is we have you covered. Making your own laptop skin can be surprisingly simple and easy to do. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to make your own custom Laptop Skin.

Laptop Skin Tools:

Design Tool (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator…)
A Laptop (Seems Obvious)
Measuring Tape

squid laptop skin

Step 1: Determine